Air pollution is one of the most serious problem in China,Hurricane Eye is a high efficiency air purifier designed for Chinese people.
Larger area of air inlet design will promote air purification efficiency, reduce the wind noise, just with 10 minutes it can purify 48 square meters of indoor space, CADR PM2.5 373m³/h, CADR HCHO 264m³/h, that is conform to the highest level of national standards; The Shortwave photons with H13 Medical filter paper will remove 99.9% of the bacteria; Built-in 6 million anion generator can release 21.6 billion anion per hour.
From intercepting filter to roots decomposition, there is no secondary pollution, Hurricane Eye completely solve the problem of air pollution, Since it was marketed on August, 2016, this product has been highly attention and high praise by industry and customers.

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