Mist to rely on to protect you from dryness and viruses.

Zeoclea technology for humidifying and inhibiting bacteria.

Cado humidifiers use Zeoclea technology to simultaneously eliminate bacteria from the water in its tank and from the air.

Zeoclea technology is a material we developed independently that uses the antibacterial mineral zeolite.
This zeolite inhibits bacteria in the water inside the tank and then is released as a mist into the air, where it further inhibits airborne bacteria and viruses.
Cado humidifiers create a comfortable living space where peace of mind can be enjoyed.

Ideal Height
The outlet of the cado humidifier is at just the right height.
The outlet is at the perfect height for feeling the moisture from the mist in our daily activities, whether one is sitting or standing. What’s more, because the outlet is higher than regular humidifiers, the mist will spread effectively on the room’s convective currents.

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