With 200,000+ people using Hive Active Heating in 2015 to control their heating and hot water remotely, customers told us they loved the Hive app and what they’d like from a next generation product. This led to the industrial redesign of the Hive thermostat – creating a physical product that matched the digital. Hive partnered with fuseproject to design a thermostat that was intuitive and familiar. Grounded in customer insight, it includes new features and improved usability. Drawing from forms and materials inspiration, the key aesthetic feature was the surface material – a NCVM front treatment that makes the device resemble a small mirror and hides the display unless someone is using it. The thermostat blends into the home as it reflects its environment. The device also has a series of coloured frames that customers can choose to fit any room and style. The experience architecture and user interface were also completely redesigned. When the thermostat dial is pushed, a seemingly invisible LED display appears through the mirrored surface, lighting up only necessary buttons to clearly direct the user. Most importantly, the design of the thermostat is completely accessible.

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