Less light – more heat – cozy atmosphere

HEATSCOPE® infrared heaters are the result of decades of know how in developing, constructing and designing of effective, energy efficient heating technologies.

Based on two IR-carbon fast medium wave heating elements the heaters reach a cozy heating up of the ambient air as well as an intensive, gentle warming up of surfaces. Also the human body feels pleasant and harmless warmth.

90–94% of the electrical power is converted into efficient thermal heat radiation. The residual energy of 6–10% is used as convection for homogenous heating of the ambient air by the patent pending circulation system.

The innovation of the HEATSCOPE® VISION heaters: By putting a ceramic glass screen in front of the heating elements only 15–20% of the light of a standard halogen heaters comes out of the HEATSCOPE® VISION, at the same time energy savings of 30% outdoors, and indoors of actually 45% are possible, proper installation assumed.

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