Function and design do not have to be contradictory. New infrared heater HEATSCOPE® PURE displays this in the most pleasant way – spending ambient heat whilst sparing almost totally the red light emissions of comparable competitors.

HEATSCOPE® exclusively applies double carbon heating elements. Compared to halogen/quartz heaters the used carbon elements generate heat not as a by-product of a bright light production (similar to former used incandescent light bulbs), but vice versa: the carbon fibres are energized, they are starting to glow, and ambient heat is occurring.

Anyway the glowing is hardly visible, it is reduced again to 50% with a SCHOTT® NEXTREMA® glass front screen.

This high-end NEXTREMA® glass was developed and designed in a special process to fulfil the requirements of the engineers on the one hand and designers on the other: the convexly shaped glass is perfectly curved out to maximize the efficiency of the thermal output. HEATSCOPE® PURE’s heating corridors are increased in this way and the heating area is maximally extended. Besides the curved glass front screen is the unique design highlight of the heater.

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