1.Distributed air supply technology (with international identification and the technology has reached the world-leading level) horizontal and vertical air-out technology.By innovative motor theory design, it realizes cooling from the top down and heating from the bottom up.2. Seamless technology.Through innovative motion structure to realize the artistic appearance and seamless design,thus attaining a delicate design effect.3.Wind-free design.By the air supply mode of controlling the top and bottom air out to realize fast and even temperature rise (temperature decrease),providing a comfortable user experience (a wind-free air conditioner).4.Bright lighting design. The unit will give out brilliant lighting to create a resplendent visual effect.5.Approach reaction function.When people’s hands are nearby the touch area of display screen,the background light will become bright from dark; when people’s hands are away,the background light will become dark again. The man-machine operation interface of Gree White Marble is more scientific and humanistic.6.Creative workmanship of simulating the jade. Integrate the texture of jade into the acrylic panel of the unit,which is spotless and flaw

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