With unique all-closed design and through panel motion structure and air intake baffle plate structure,it solves the problems of dust and germ accumulation in air outlet of air conditioner due to long-time outdoor exposure,ensuring a clean and healthy air supply environment.With dual compressors of the new generation,the cooling or heating effect is stronger.cooling effect is not affected under the outdoor temperature of 50°C,realizing cooling under high temperature of 60°C,conduct heating under low temperature of minus 35°C,allowing you to be fearless of severe cold and extreme hot and enjoy comfortable temperature.The air supply system applies the leading technology for separate cool and warm supply.For cold wind,cooling comes from top to bottom;for hot wind, heating comes from the bottom up.Built-in voice system with long-distance identification.When you say“Gree Seashell,the air conditioner will identify intelligently,give feedback timely and control temperature accurately without connecting to network.

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