The new air purifier innovatively solves the technical problem of air pollution under hypoxia, partial purification and secondary leakage pollution in the building with Chinese architectural features and air pollution. It creates a new positive pressure air purification and purification through circulation technology across the rooms: through continuous introduction and cleaning of outdoor new air, the pressure inside the room is higher than that outdoor so that it prevents the second pollution of outdoor dirty air into the room; the design of air circulation across the room ensures the efficient exporting and purifying of indoor distal dirty air and enhances the efficiency of the cycling purification. The design of 360 grad ball-form wind outlets makes the new wind spray six meters away at different angles, and form downstream air circulation in the room. The above innovative technology ensures the purification efficiency of the machine is 3-5 times that of traditional purifiers, and significantly reduces the overall energy consumption and noise. The design of tilted screen of the machine enhances the interface experience. The whole machine form is extremely simplified.

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