Energy and environmental consciousness requires indoor climate regulation systems to adapt to new demands. Swegon faced a challenge with their air handling units since more and more features had been added making it difficult to handle. In an iterative process in close collaboration with Swegon and groups of users, the designers at Veryday focused around usability, intuitiveness and better guidance. The new user interface ensures that the system’s full potential can be exploited, while allowing the users to perform and feel professional regardless of previous experience. It prioritizes the most important functions concerning air quality, energy efficiency and system status. In a dashboard mode, users can overview relevant information at a glance. The settings are easy-to-understand and intuitive. The grip-friendly tablet, was tested using several mock-ups. It’s durable, can be easily detached and easy to hold in one hand while interacting with the large touchscreen for ideal performance. Veryday helped to ensure that the system’s full potential can be exploited easily, catering for a world class healthy indoor climate – at a minimum environmental impact.

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