The design of the electric fan originated in yearning towards nature. It simulates natural wind which blows skin gently. You feel infinite at your first glance at it. Traditional mode is further broken especially by 360-degree rotation and multi-directional horizontal overturning of the fan head. Meanwhile, the design concept of plane blade is adopted for it. Steady airflow can be sent out rationally and efficiently, which is higher than blowing efficiency and energy consumption of previous fans. Meanwhile, the design concept of the flying saucer is applied for its display and operation panel. People feel that the panel suspends in the air visually. LED lights are adopted for front airflow display for convenient and intuitive displaying. It is matched with keys at the top, thereby people feel to control he flying saucer happily. In addition, the product has a variety of operating modes, which can be operated more smoothly; wind blowing is optimized more smoothly with quite noise. The ambient light intensity can be sensed automatically by the light sensor, the wind speed and noise will be reduced, thereby ensuring that sleep is not disturbed, an giving users more humane care.

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