Feel the taste of Bordeaux wine  
When there is something to celebrate in our daily life, we drink a glass of wine, preferably a sophisticated one with a fairly well-known brand.

The elegant taste of good wines can be turned into good memories in our lives.

The feel of tasty burgundy red wine on the tip of your tongue and the beautiful silhouette of the wine glass complemented by good lighting remains in our memory for a long time.

Among many curves created by humans, the beauty of wine glasses is arguably second to none. The beautiful silhouette of wine glasses in a hotel lobby, room, office, and living room can lead you to a dignified space.

The top 30% of the product, which resembles the image of a filled wine glass, was made into a light, while the lower 70% was used as an air purifier. The overall line of the product looks like a big, sophisticated wine glass with a beautiful silhouette.

360-degree air-purifying floor lamp that cleans air of 1.2m height

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