Evosense is a selfacting thermostat taking room temperature control to a complete new level. A selfacting thermostat does not use any batteries and it neither requires any power supply. It just simply feels the temperature in the room and by laws of physics transforms this into a motion which regulates a radiator valve. Evosense is made to save energy and cost during its life time. As one of its kind it also meets very high environmental classifications. This is achieved by a material and process selection avoiding all substances possible which may be harmful for nature, wildlife or human. For the building owner Evosense offer a unique possibility to save energy by its overtemperature limiter. This is made in a very userfriendly way where you get what you see during operation. The temperature scale is hidden and only visible when put in limit set mode (a hidden feature only for the eyes of the installer). For the day to day user Evosense offer a smooth gentle appearance with a clear window showing the set value. The esthetics is chosen to express this is an advanced product and to interpret its inherent values into a modern design in harmony with modern radiators.

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