Bringing sleek, ergonomic design to an often functional format, the new intelligent heating system, evohome, enables home owners to control heating room-by-room wirelessly by using Smart Zoning technology, via a clean, intuitive and simple user interface. evohome is available in a range of colours with a high contrast touchscreen, which allows users to check the status of up to six zones at a glance. Design interface features such as traffic light colour displays allow users to get quick glance insight into the heating in each room, i.e. red for hot and green for temperatures that are more eco-friendly. In addition, the design offers a personal user experience, enabling home owners to manage their rooms by naming them in a personal way to them, e.g. “John’s bedroom.” The touchscreen design makes programming a heating schedule a breeze, with quick actions, such as “Eco Mode” which turns the heating down three degrees in each room as well as a single press to turn you heating off when you leave the home. Easy control of home heating can be completed either from the touchscreen or mobile device app, which mirrors the touch-screen’s clean, simple to use design. Lastly, the evohome radiator controls are a contemporary slim line tubular design which also offer quick access to your heating through an easy to read backlit LCD screen and exact temperature display.

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