Fresh up all time; power up all time!

Clean air is more and more treasured in big cities, so our designers created this 2 in 1 Ionizer Power Bank providing power and fresh air anytime, anywhere.

Ion is regarded as the vitamin of the air because it removes PM2.5 and odd smell in the air. This Ionizer Power Bank is shaped in a portable size that fits in any places where air needs to be cleaned – cars, indoors, restaurants, etc. With this small gadget, you will keep away from smoke, cooking fumes and dust.

The Ionizer power bank works smartly – once connected with power, it automatically starts producing ion to clean the air. In other situation, you just need to press one button to start the machine and switch functions.

Inspired from the pure beauty of the nature, the machine integrated advanced human engineering with factors of breeze, green leaves, and cobbles to present an all-angle elegance. The moon phases LED lights indicate power change in a totally innovative way.

May the fresh air be with you all time!

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