evaSMART™ is the world FIRST smart personal air conditioner. Combining true aesthetics reflected in the design with strong functionality, the device demonstrates individual approach to cooling that has never been identified before. Embodying the concept of personal microclimate, the device creates a better environment in the place where one needs it most without the need the cool the whole room.

The product stands out from thousands because of the material the filter is made of – EvaBreeze®. This innovative fully inorganic patented material inhibits the growth of mold or bacteria. It is fully biodegradable and, together with low power consumption, makes evaSMART™ green and eco-friendly. This energy-efficient device can be also controlled remotely from the mobile app thanks to the inserted Wi-Fi mode.

The product is perfectly fitting in between central AC and cooling fans providing highest cooling capacity in a very compact form factor. Thanks to technology mild quiet personal cooling coupled with humidifying and purifying makes the product fitting to a huge variety of usage scenarios as well as relevant to all global markets from Middle East to Australia.

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