A small heat pump next to your central-heating boiler, a big step in the direction of independence. With the Eneco Wamtewinner™ proven heat pump technology has been made available to the general public; a revolution in the world of energy. It extracts heat from ventilation air and uses this again to heat the house. You can replace the current ventilation box in the house by it, but the WarmteWinner also extracts heat from the air independently. Every household with a central-heating boiler immediately saves up to 60% on gas consumption. Due to its compact main shape the design tells the story of the accessibility of the WarmteWinner. No big, complicated heat pump – but a friendly and strong design, which radiates the innovativeness of the product and the ease of ‘plug and play’. The base is part of the packing, it can be installed upright or hanging. The WarmteWinner is extremely user-friendly due to its universal touch screen user interface. And what is even easier: if you already have Eneco’s home domotica platform Toon® , this device will control the WarmteWinner and give insight into the savings. In short: a big step towards a sustainable self-sufficient house is now made s

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