The Electrolux Airconditioner with PureO2 system is a premium split AC to be sold World wide. The challenge from a Visual Point of view is to make the Product suit most homes, no matter if it is in Asia or in Europe. The premium feel is achieved by using honest materials such as real Stainless steel trim parts.

A product like this, should balance between blending in your home and standing out as a premium product. Attention to detail is crucial.

The slightly curved front expresses power and performance. A soft silhouette is balanced by Sharp Surface meetings, resulting a dynamic expression.

The shapes from the main unit are carried over on to the remote. Buttons that are not frequently used are hidden behind a sliding hatch. This allows for intuitive use and a clean expression.

The remote control has a holder for wall hanging. The holder features a magnet which in combination with the geometrical shape creates a very discrete and user friendly hanging solution. (Patent pending).

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