Belparts created an innovative terminal control valve according to the principles of Dynamic Flow Networking. It replaces the classic terminal control valve, noting the following essential differences:
– The additional balancing valve becomes obsolete, as the balancing is carried out by the dynamx valve itself.
– Pressure independent: dynamx uses a patented** mechanism to detect pressure variations. The pressure variations are compensated through electronic flow measurement.
– Energy monitoring: dynamx measures the momentary flow, water temperature differential and the power consumed.
– Life-time commissioning: Every dynamx device can be commissioned and recommissioned remotely, answering the varying needs of the infrastructure.

The dynamx flow control valves combine five devices:
1. a flow-control valve,
2. a dynamic, pressure-independent balancing valve,
3. an energy monitoring device and
4. a shut-off valve.
5. optionally an integrated room temperature controller.

** Dynamx is based on technology protected by international patents:
The dynamx products are used for the first time on a large scale in the Konrad Adenauer building, the new EU building.

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