Drimaster-Eco is the next generation of Positive Input Ventilation (PIV). This low-energy, low-cost ventilation strategy prevents condensation, improves indoor air quality (IAQ) and saves energy in new and existing homes.
Nuaire invented the ‘PIV’ principle back in 1972. Now Drimaster-Eco advances this proven technology with demand-control operation. Wireless switches and sensors enable the unit to respond to changing CO2 and humidity levels for improved IAQ, and afford full control over airflow and heater to suit needs.
Drimaster-Eco is mounted in the loft-space, drawing fresh air through the filters and imputing it, at ceiling level, into the home. By introducing fresh air at a continuous rate, it forces out stale, moisture-laden air.
It removes airborne allergens that can aggravate asthma. It also banishes harmful pollutants from cleaning, beauty and DIY products, and burning fuel, whilst reducing Radon gas levels.
This design is brilliant because it’s simple, discreet and incredibly efficient. Other benefits include a patented heater design which uses 20% less energy than previous designs, hall control via the diffuser; larger filters that are more effective for longer.

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