The Diamond Series model (SRK-ZSX) is an attractive, well-designed Hi-end wall mounted air conditioner which has been designed to target the European air conditioning market. This is a timeless piece, which integrates elegantly in any room and has a defined gentle curved shape.
Conceptually the main body of the unit is invisible which is covered by an outer layer, which promotes a cleaner finish. A unique feature that makes this product different is the rounded curves on each side of the unit, which gives the impression that the main body is concealed and the unit looks and feels more compact than its actual size.
On the top surface, the grid, which sits on the main body design, integrates very smoothly and minimal visibility is exposed. This provides a light impression for the end user when the unit is installed. It is aesthetically appealing from a design point and is not so prominent to the eye.
The air outlet, which is situated at the bottom of the unit, is discreetly integrated behind the secondary layer and when not in use it is completely hidden from the end user.
The unit provides a harmonious overall impression of a high-end quality look and feel product.

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