Daikin Europe has set another milestone to customize products for specific markets: The task consisted in developing an air conditioner custom-tailored for a wider European intercultural group of users with a reduced but metaphoric shape.
The silhouette of Daikin Emura is aerodynamically designed to create a thin profile that perfectly integrates into european interiors. With its complex but clean shaped front panel it embodies the idea of a wing : the symbol for air and efficiency.
The philosophy of the industrial design is to symbolize it all: the immaterial characteristics of air, the visual reduction of the volume, and the attractive design of the most complex mode – the operating mode.
The Intelligent Eye symbolizes the intelligent sensor technology allowing higher performance at lower energy consumption and avoiding cold draughts. Conveying both, efficiency and an almost intrinsic identity. The air baffles are not only defined by their function; as a characteristic element they emphasize their task with their large surface: the efficient guidance of air, which is a characteristic of all Daikin air conditioners.
Comfort, performance, ecology, recyclability, sustainabili

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