The Gas Boiler is the first representative to introduce a completely redefined design strategy for the heating product portfolio. Upcoming products follow the common design directive to shape Daikin’s vision of home climate in function, form and user perception.
Inspired by the user centric idea of interaction, the overall topology emphasizes the UI as a core part of the overall design. The centered „Daikin Eye“ is a key visual which communicates the status of the device. It is found in the Daikin App and with other products as well. It indicates the “intelligent” part where users can interact with the product.
The device is designed to integrate into interiors. Its rectangular outline and clean surfaces, both result in an unobtrusive appearance. The gap between the front and the sides is practical for maintenance and makes the front appear to be floating.
The product design emphasizes the specific function by semantic typology. The overall profile shape symbolizes the heat flowing through the product. The center is slightly wider to express the combustion zone.
The device is extremely efficient thanks to high quality and advanced technology.

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