“Combined Air Conditioner” thanks to its smart design, can be used as a Floor Standing , Wall-Mounted and Corner Suspending Air Conditioner, according to user needs.
1. Adding the air purifier to the bottom part, “Combined Air Conditioner” can be used as Floor Standing Air Conditioner. It will create a circular flow of clean air from the top to the bottom, where the clean air from the top of the room will push the bottom dirty air into the machine, creating a purified air circulation, improving the indoor air ventilation.
2. User can hang the air conditioner horizontally, sending cold wind to the top and warm wind to the bottom.
According to the theory of cooling air drops and hot air rises, it will improve the efficiency and save energy.
3. Moreover “Combined Air Conditioner” in the vertical wall-mounted solution, can be placed on the room’s corner, in order to save space without affecting the air flow efficiency.
The deflector and air flow duct are made by bionic sharkskin texture material that reduce wind resistance and improve the efficiency.
The deflector will control the wind direction through swing movements. The middle hollow part mix the supply air in order to un

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