Hydronic balancing is paramount for the efficient operation of heating and cooling systems. This means that the emitters in the installation are supplied only with the quantity of water and energy that is actually needed. The pressure independent control valve “Cocon QTZ” helps to simplify this process and to save energy. It allows for automatic hydronic balancing and temperature control of complete systems and sections of it. The valve is especially used in chilled ceilings, fan coils, convectors and central or surface heating systems.
The “Cocon QTZ”, a combination of a flow controller and a differential pressure regulating valve, allows for the precise setting of the nominal value. When equipped with an actuator, temperature controller or manual head, the valve can also be used for the control of another variable (e.g. room temperature).
The valve combination is made of dezincification resistant brass. Its compact and space-saving design allows for a simple integration into existing systems. Handling is simplified by the highlighting of the pressure test points and locking ring in red and blue.

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