Many parts of the world are suffering from air quality issues such as haze. CoClean is specially designed with patented negative ion generation technology for individuals to improve air quality. An air monitoring intelligence center with ultra-high sensitivity can monitor indoor air quality effortlessly. It can be used for air purification and air monitoring jointly or seperately.
CoClean is compact and easy to carry around. The meticulous design reflects a simplistic design concept while also offering the user a premium experience. The design of the purifier takes both comfort and fashion into full consideration. The purification module is dominated by a circular appearance with a single silver button located at its waist. The peripheral aperture of the button can discharge negative ions and illuminate with a looped gleam. This adds a flavor of technology and indicates the operational status of the device. The lower part at the front of the base is where the air quality indicator is located. To achieve to the integrity of design, the base is made into a cone to embrace the portable air purifier.
We care deeply about your every breath!

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