Most of air cleaners available in the market today use HEPA filter or fiber materials to capture particles and dust to purify air. Clean Station A Series is not like any conventional air cleaners in the market today. Clean Station A Series has equipped with a unique High Electric Field Plasma(HEFP) inside the filtration system. It will not only capture visible particular dust and airborne microorganism but also break most of the invisible and toxic substance in the air. Clean Station A series can deliver pure and clean air with zero particle count, no matter how dirty the air is. People can enjoy sterilized and healthy air for better living. DESIGN CONCEPT 0=Zero Particle , 0=Zero Bacteria and Virus Clean Station A Series design was inspired by the profound meaning of a “Pebble Stone”. The SHAPE of a Pebble Stone: The shape of Pebble Stone is like the number “0” which implies “Zero” particle and “Zero” bacteria and virus. Clean station is “THE” Pebble Stone living within our air. With its astonishing air cleaning ability, Clean Station Series A converts any dirty air back to the original and pure state and transform the air to be most breathable for us.

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