Charly the successful fan by Stadler Form was redesigned with the aim of perfecting the popular metal form and to integrate the new technology with osciallation in the reconfigured motor housing. Not only his design resembles a jet aircraft turbine, also his powerful air-moving performance: three aluminium blades allow Charly to shift a large amount of air to ensure a comfortable climate in the room. The air circulation rate can be set to one of three levels. By choosing the oscillation mode, Charly steadily distributes the cool air in a 90 ° angle. The inclination of the airflow can be adjusted in four different positions. The convenient carrying handle is incorporated unobtrusively into the fine grille of the fan. Charly is made exclusively of metal: zinc, aluminium and stainless steel. Subtle in appearance and at the same time stable, the die-cast zinc foot completes the puristic lines of the design.

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