The air that we breathe is filled with microscopic particles and gaseous compounds. Air purifiers are ideal for cleaning the indoor air effectively and quickly of harmful pollutants and allergens for enhanced health and wellbeing. The Blueair Sense air purifier features the patented HEPASilent technology that is both whisper-quiet and low in energy consumption. This technologically sophisticated air purifier possesses a surprisingly sleek appearance that also fascinates beholders with its proportions. Its design presents itself as a harmoniously balanced combination of glass and stainless steel. Thanks to this new language of form and the option of choosing between six different colours, the Blueair Sense air purifier fits well into almost any interior. The sensitive nature of the device’s user interface is also innovative: the unique motion-sensitive top allows users to change speeds intuitively with simple hand swipes above the glass surface. The Blueair Sense air purifier thus embodies a symbiotic merger of a new, elegant form vocabulary with a user interface that provides emotional user experiences.

For all the senses

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