The BB-15 removes contaminants from tap water while softening it. Soft water has excellent cleansing power and helps prevent skin diseases as well as save water. An illuminated gauge is installed on the product front to show, for the first time in the industry, soft water usage and the time taken to soften water. The softener can be installed on the wall or as a standalone product, and we have preserved its minimal form to make it a timeless design suitable for any bathroom. When developing the BB-15, we focused on ensuring the product suits bathroom interiors. We drew inspiration from the small tiles that make up a bathroom to create a hygienic and timeless design to be integrated into users’ bathrooms for a long time. As this product is installed in humid surroundings, we intended to design an exterior that is easy to clean without water pooling. We used a softener system optimized for space efficiency in bathrooms and homes and reduced its size by 20% (volume) compared to previous models while keeping the price economical. Even though this model has added performance lighting, it is competitive with ordinary softeners.

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