The product family auroSTOR/uniSTOR plus/exclusive consists of indirect hot water cylinders that feature a clear design as well as ease of use and eco-friendliness. With capacities of up to 500 l and variable equipment, these cylinders are designed for optimal energy storage matching the energy source used. They are modern system components for storing excess thermal energy produced e.g. by solar systems and heat pumps. At the same time, hot water is supplied to single- and two-family houses. Thanks to the innovative insulation, they achieve the energy efficiency classes A (exclusive) and B (plus). Detachable insulation jackets of the exclusive type ease transport and installation and allow a clear separation of raw materials. The lean and highly efficient PU insulation of the plus type is made with eco-friendly foaming agents. The clearly arranged user interfaces show the water temperature as well as – among others – the system connectivity for the LED variant. As central design element, the interfaces have the Vaillant signature surface, a distinctive component in the consistent advancement of the Vaillant design language.

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