With Anna by Stadler Form Swiss designer Matti Walker has created a sleek and modern fan heater, with a sophisticated zinc base, that quietly and unobtrusively provides cosy warmth. The grid was given a fine structure and the technology coloured to make it practically invisible so that Anna fits discreetly yet attractively into any home setting. The desired room temperature is adjustable via the integrated thermostat. Anna shuts off when the desired temperature is reached and automatically back on when the temperature drops again, thus avoiding unnecessary run times and reducing power consumption. This clever heater also stands for safety in two respects: no overheating thanks to a self-regulating ceramic (PTC heating element) and an integrated tilt protection with automatic shut-off. When it comes to operating the focus is on user friendliness, even though the on/off and power level knobs as well as the temperature control dial are positioned on the back they are easy to reach.

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