Altherma establishes a completely redefined design strategy. Special focus was put on clear topologies and the interaction between large, undisturbed surfaces and subtle details.
The clean surfaces and the rectangular outline is responding to the architectural context to resulting in an unobtrusive appearance and integrate well into interiors. The flow of the casing of front and side panels provides the device with a compact and elegant appearance.
The curvature on the side is a semantic detail to show that the product is containing water, what is the core function of it.
Inspired by Daikin’s user centric idea of interaction, the topology emphasizes the UI as a core part of the overall design. The centered „Daikin Eye“ is a key visual which communicates the status of the device. It is a discreetly blue glowing circle and indicates the area for interaction with the product. It is found in the Daikin App and with other products by Daikin as well.
The high quality extends the product lifetime to reduce resource consumption. Non-composite materials like sheet metal, copper, standard plastics make disassembly and recycling easy.

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