“ Air Touch-X” is an innovative air purifier with application of using the functional fabric to replace the traditional pre-filter mesh for use at home; it represents a new utility solution and aesthetic looking in order to make an improvement from creative design thinking. Air purifier requires different standards on average efficiency and low drag coefficient, Air touch-X designs the pre-filter layer outside of the product has a better result compare with the traditional way to put it inside. The features of using this way is breathable, especially with the fabric have resilient, and lightweight characters. And it also customized, the user can easily change additionally. The form with inverted cone and touch panel located on ventilation is characterized by engineering aerodynamics design, which can optimized high performance of airflow; the sensor detects the air quality and shows different color lights at the edge of the panel board. The user interface simplifies handling, aims to to guide routine operations and user behaviors to this touch screen panel. With its own smart home system, this home masterpiece is warmer and closer to your family.

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