The Airmate BH2112 is not only a Fan Heater for bathrooms: It features a cloth-warming basket which warms up clothing such as bathrobes or towels. In other words, the device offers users not only a warm bathing environment, but also a warm towel to dry with and warm clothes to put on. The hot air outlet is positioned at a height of 40 cm and 60°downwards, which lets the hot airflow towards the user’s legs; by means of convection, the hot air spreads further, in both upper and wider directions, covering the user’s body. It can also help to dry the bathroom floor. The aluminum handle, when in the front position, can also be used to dry small towels. With friendly round-edge form and dedicated dimensions, the BH2112 fits in most bathrooms. Its form extends to 4 feet and results in a smooth, stable but space-saving base. BH2112 is ergonomically designed for the user to easily reach the controls and also offers a cloth-warming basket; the height can also avoid most water spray.

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