It is an air purifying product with a panel that shares the traces of family members on the media in order to imbue the emotional experience for increasing one-person household in the modern age.
Front and top discharge ports on the product are elaborately designed so it takes in more contaminated air in indoors to purify strongly and at the same time add to the humidification effect.
The center of gravity is located at the bottom to enable stable installation, an easy separation of the water tank and filter cover, and a sense of luxury with the character line on the side view.
The vent hole pattern on the rear side provides a stability and the button at front centre gives the profound feeling.
Considering the location of information sharing media among family members of various ages, there are many ways to share photos and videos of family members through the media. Yet the place where the air cleaner is installed was evaluated the most as a suitable spot. This is why we present our media sharing air purifier that we hope it takes care of your fa

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