Air Touch Pro is an intelligent air purifier with seamless body, great functions, many advantages and elegant appearance. It breaks the limitation and definitely a successful product.

It has a unique way to open the frame. The first air purifier adopting pop-up structure in order to give the customer betters user experiences. Not only easier to change the filter especially for women, but also having 30% more contact area to create high efficient airflow by displaying the divided filters. Furthermore, its slim outlook due to vertical turbine design can save more interior space.

For friendly environment, the base is made of non-painting modified resin with marble pattern, creates the calm and solid looking to enhance the metallic main body, new combination for home atmosphere.

The color-changing lighting and dead front LED index indicate the user current air condition and can adjust air speed by sliding the icon area to change the lighting bar length. The innovative attribute of it has warm air mode, the function is based on our research which shows most people use air purifier in winter, and they can get warm temperature and comfortable fresh air at the same time.

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