This product is the first air purifier in the Chinese market at present and the only one that is able to completely decompose formaldehyde because it adopts the unique chemical technology for the decomposition of formaldehyde: Nano-capture, which absorbs and decomposes formaldehyde by crystal with small honeycomb holes; during use, the crystal gradually changes from yellow to dark brown, to remind consumers to replace the filter. In the present market, the operating principle of the air purifier’s removing formaldehyde is in the way of activated carbon adsorption, but when it is loaded with formaldehyde, the crystal will release formaldehyde and cause secondary pollution so it is by and large useless for removing formaldehyde.
This product is specifically designed for China’s indoor air pollution, which enhances the brand competitiveness and improves people’s quality of life as well as makes people more concerned about the health of air.

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