The Pure Cool air purifier from Dyson for allergy sufferers reliably removes allergens and pollutants and features a sophisticated filter system. For example, the HEPA filter is made up of borosilicate microfibres that filter out 99.95% of the allergens, pollen, bacteria and particulate matter as small as 0.1 microns from the air. In addition, the device contains an active carbon filter that takes care of odours, cigarette smoke and harmful toxins like paint fumes. The Pure Cool Tower is round, and works with a lower face velocity. Because the filter shroud covers the entire surface of the purifier, the used air is drawn in over a full 360 degrees, thus ensuring uncompromised performance in every corner of the room. Rubber seals form a vacuum around the Pure Cool, sealing pollutants, toxins and dust in the filter. The purifier emits only fresh and purified air.

Dyson fan with Air Multiplier technology and graded switching

Unlike traditional purifiers with rotor blades, the air purifier from Dyson works with a 360º HEPA filter and the innovative Air Multiplier technology.
Unlike traditional purifiers with rotor blades, the Dyson purifier works with Air Multiplier technology. A diffuser channels the airflow and projects it into the air ring. From there, the fresh air is projected throughout the room in the form of an even stream. The specially developed construction from the British manufacturer guarantees a long-range stream of smooth air. The airflow emitted can be regulated in stages from one to ten using a switch. If the filter device is directly beside a cigarette smoker, you should choose a higher setting, while a lower setting is sufficient for nighttime.

Manage indoor air quality with the Dyson Pure Cool Link app

The Dyson Pure Cool Link app allows you to test the air quality outside and inside your home and to control the purifier remotely.
There are two methods for controlling the air purifying process of the Pure Cool:

  1. Download the corresponding app – available for iOS and android – to your smartphone and use it to manage the purification of your indoor air. The Dyson Tower is then linked wirelessly to the Link app. Once that is done, you can see the air humidity and quality on your mobile phone screen. You can enter your personal target value for the purification quality and can react immediately if you are not satisfied with the purification result.
  2. Use the remote control to switch on the desired level of air purification manually. The display will then show at what strength the clean air is flowing into the room and how many hours remain before you need to replace the filter. Set it to Auto mode and the Dyson will automatically check the indoor air quality from the first individually selected setting.

Dyson air purifier: space saving and effective

The Dyson Air Cleaner blends harmoniously into the environment and doesn’t need a lot of space to work effectively and clean the air reliably. The narrow purifier with an integrated fan fits on an A4 piece of paper with its base plate and can be accommodated even in the smallest of rooms. Its sleek and simple design means that it integrates perfectly into contemporary interiors. The low face velocity catches every particle of dust or pollen, allowing even allergy sufferers to enjoy fresh and pure air.

Product features

  • HEPA filter filters allergens, particulate matter, pollen and bacteria, replacement necessary after 4,300 operating hours
  • Active carbon filter rids the air of odours, cigarette smoke and toxins.
  • Auto cleaning mode for automatically controlled air purification
  • App control for iOS and android or remote control
  • Fan with Dyson Air Multiplier technology, graded settings from 1 to 10
  • Air intake: 360°
  • Night-time mode: dimmed display, low noise level
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