This product is an air purifier; the cylindrical shape is concise, hard, clean and elegant color, which is harmonious and easy to blend into furniture.
1. The designer aims to design wind-like lines on the surface of the product that will bring clean and fresh air to consumers like the natural breeze;
2. The air-inlet grille on the left and right panels of the product shall be integrated into the grains, and there is a transparent window that is convenient for observing the filter mesh.
3. The air-outlet adopts spiral shape that is professional and reliable. The wind power is strong, so that it can supply wind from a long distance and stir the air inside to the maximum extent.
4. The electronic touch type key is convenient to operate; there is a transparent display window in the front, so that the user can observe the air quality and the life state of the filter mesh.
5. There is a screen in the air-outlet, which can block foreign matter falling into the air duct to damage the wind wheel. There are three layers of filter mesh in the machine: primary filter mesh, active carbon filter mesh, HEPA filter mesh.
6. There are two sensors in the machine, which can test the air quali

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