Maintaining a healthy home is a top priority for many consumers. When air in the house is polluted and dry it can cause sneezing, skin allergies, and makes for an uncomfortable environment. The Air Purifier Jaguar is a high quality, domestic combination purifier/humidifier that conditions the air, removing dust, odors, germs and harmful gases using an advanced filtering system (an alert indicates when filter needs replacing).
Its smart humidification sensor and control system measures and moistens the air, shutting off when specified humidity levels are reached, while Tthe light indicator automatically switches to night (silent) mode when dark.
Ventilating and getting clean air at home is becoming difficult, especially with the outdoor air pollution. The Philips Aair Ppurifier uses a sSuperior filtration system with German technology to filters out pollutants such as fine particles, allergens, bacteria, viruses and harmful gasses. The smart sensor measures &and controls the indoor air quality, and the 4-step LED indicators show air quality level. Auto mode ensures hassle-free functioning. Performance paired with elegant and contemporary design make it a must have masterpiece inwe

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