This is an air purifier with high clean air delivery rate that can efficiently remove the haze.
This product is Supor’s new air purifier of high clean air delivery rate, with CADR of more than 500 m2/h, which can clean the air of over 40 m2 of indoor space within ten minutes. With its composite HEPA filter screen of exclusive patent reaching Level H13, its purification effect can be 99.95% at a time. The CCM of this product achieves 42000mg, more than 5 times of the highest grade p4 according to the new national standard, which means that the service life of the filter screen is greatly prolonged. This product is also equipped with negative-ion generator, making the purified air fresher. At the same time, the noise of the product is well controlled so it can clean the air without attracting people’s attention.
This air purifier adopts remote control through app and an additional function that reminds people to replace the filter screen. The touch-sensitive screen is also applied to the control panel, so it is convenient to use.
This product is designed based on the problem of indoor air pollution in China and aims at making people live with healthy and clean air more easily,

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