The aesthetically designed Air Max Ambiance is a good-looking and very effective alternative for the classic, less attractive blue moisture absorbers.

FLEX created a lamp-like, elegant design in neutral colours that suits any interior. It targets condensation, moisture and stale smells in new application areas, such as living room, bedroom, etc. The new design required a break through innovation for a low-cost product: a new air circulation system, that ensures a more effective absorption, which contributes to better living conditions. FLEX succeeded in incorporating optimal user friendliness: easy to empty without spilling, easily refillable, hygienic and a safe anti-leak system.

For client Bison the new product means a huge step forward business wise. The Air Max moisture absorber can be sold at a higher price-level and led to sales in new countries and new distribution channels, such as food and department stores. With the Air Max Ambiance Bison aims for European market leadership.

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