•‘Air Eye’ is an Air Monitoring instrument that in order to help the consumers to acquaint the surroundings’ air conditions which is benefit to their health.
•The designer use the standard circle which can emphasis the design concept on Modern Interior Design. The smooth surface harmonizers with the surroundings, the elaborately grinded 3D curves construct the delicate transition for the Air Eye panel and the backside enriching the appearance and refracting the texture appeal as gleaming and mild as jade.
•The design of hidden air outlet combines the air outlet with the quality detecting lamp high-lighting the multi-layered feelings and the results of the quality detection.
•Combined the fan-shaped air intake with the sound hole which is simple and practical.
•Same as the support, metal texture upgraded this air monitoring instruments’ whole quality.
•The USB interface is placed at the middle of the back in line with the button of reset and power avoiding the damage to the wholeness of the front and creating the beauty of modern at the back.
•Touch switch button be placed on the front brand mark

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