AF1010 is our first fan with a cutting edge technology the world has never seen. The fan is based on the theory that 4 cross-flow fans at each side, each containing 20 blades hiding away in the frame, make a column of air. These fans produce breeze by capturing air nearby and moving it forward while maximizing its airflow. This is our patented technology called ‘Wind Amplifying System’. It makes AF1010 consume only 30~40% of the electricity of ordinary fans under same wind volume condition. It merely consumes 3.8 watts, 22watts at its lowest, highest setting. Another most striking feature of AF1010 is its square and bladeless design which brings great comfort to all people, especially to those who have kids or pets. Also, its short pedestal lowers the possibility of falling down. Its stable design adjusted to kids’ eye level and its square shape to stir kids’ curiosity aimed for parents’ peace of mind and joy of family. Lastly, AF1010 features its easy-use and easy-care. It is made from high glossy ABS which makes it durable and easy to clean. It only needs wet wipes and air-spray to remove the dust. Touch buttons with icons on the top help the user to easily operate the fan.

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