aura was created for… those who treasure health, above all. those who rely on technology, to improve their lives. those who celebrate design and elegance, in all things. aura is an advanced air-management system featuring Swiss-made Diamond filters controlled by proprietary aeris software to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. We developed aura with the remarkably ambitious goal to bring the most cleaned air to every user. We sourced the renowned Diamond standard filters, celebrated worldwide for their unyielding accuracy, and coupled them with intelligent software that allows the system to constantly update itself through an internet (WiFi) connection. aura actually learns to improve its cleaning schedule delivering, not just unprecedented air quality but also longer filter lifetime and precious energy saving. aura’s elegantly understated design allows it to seamlessly blend in with any environment and home. Best of all, aura is centered around your health giving you immediate feedback and insights on your air quality through aeris’ user-friendly applications.

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