360 degrees air cleaner.
The discovery of air flow.
This product has the capsule type cylindrical shape, and although the inhalation grill of the air cleaner in the market is located in one direction or both directions, it is possible to inhale or exhale the air in 360 degrees with this product. The laminated doughnut type high-powered hepa filter, and deodorization and antibacterial filter along with the 360 degrees inhale grill design challenged the air contamination substance PM0(zero). Once the air cleaner is on, the air purification flow is inhaled in around the area of 360 degrees at the bottom, and then purified through the dual filter in the bottom and the middle, which cleans the air just like a tornado. The auto sensor that detects the indoor air displays the real-time air cleanliness by the edge lighting color placed around the edge of the display. It is a hidden display to reduce the tiredness of eyes caused by the overbright display at night. Every display function can be controlled by the smartphone app.

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