The innovative product “2in1 – Light & Heat“ is a combination of light and heating system: energy- and space-saving, environmentally friendly and spread comfortable warmth (infrared radiation) in a high-class design.
The special designed infrared heating technology is in the central component of the round ceiling element.
There are different sizes with wattages from 400 to 2000 Watts selectable.
Fields of application are office- and commercial buildings, gastronomy and hotel business, production and event halls as well as private living areas.
The combination of light and heat enables a common use of the energy sources without an extensive installation of heat and light engineering (both essential for aforementioned applications). Furthermore additional central heating rooms and fuel storage areas are needless.
The used infrared heating systems as well as the LED-lens-technology are energy efficient – with the use of green electricity even carbon neutral and thus in accordance with the current spirit of the age. In combination with photovoltaics, renewable energy technology can be used. The saving potential is about 50% to water-powered heating systems.

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