Sleek, slim and compact-sized design with white color is applied to this unit. User(s) can easily move the unit as handle and wheel is equiped. Besides, the display on the 3.8L capacity of water tray shows the amount of collected water. Slim-lined front LED INDICATOR allow user(s) to easily recognize the condition of humidity as LED color which shows the level of discomfort index is changed according to temperature. When opening the CAP on the left side of unit, there is concentrated dry Hole. After connecting to concentrated dry Hole, the shoes and boots can be dried in short time. Besides, there is the space where concentrated dry hole is stored on the rear of unit. Also, cleaning the internal of cooling system is possible as the protection Grill of cooling system is detachable. Pre Filter & Deodorization filter are applied to this unit, which captures the dust in the air and it keeps the indoor pleasant.

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