meia.dúzia® develops flavor’s experiences in tubes, which inspiration comes from the world of painting, using tubes that represent a palette of colors. One color…One fruit…One flavor experience.
A concept created to provide tasting experiences in half-dozen packs – 6 flavor’s, the brand develops in 2015 a new product line based on honey, to be added to the current line of 32 fruit jams and 6 dark chocolate creams.
meia.dúzia® is pioneer in the business and development of flavors in tubes, being the first company to launch on the market jams in this format, more practical, hygienic and easy to carry.
Inspired by nature and honeycombs, the hexagonal shape is the perfect way to develop the packaging of the pack of 6 honey flavors experience meia.dúzia®.
Faithful to Portuguese origins and disclosure of its products, the 1st edition leads to a journey through the various regions of Portugal with honey flavors experiences gathered in this country, mixed with dehydrated fruits and spices, resulting in unexpected experiences.

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