It is a smart oven with more emotional, rounded, warm, interactive, friendly and flexible interaction that can adapt and take advantage of the Internet age. Inclined 8 ° door, increasing the viewing angle while the prominent handle embedded. With a highly integrated touch panel, to achieve a minimalist form and perfect fusion of complex functions. A ring-shaped trackwheel with a progress indicator becomes the interactive core. Modular high-definition camera with its eco-APP products, allowing users to remotely monitor the baking process through the phone and real-time photo sharing.

In China, the oven is a necessity for the kitchen, but the market products are uneven, belonging to the Red Sea market, Haier T3 stands out and gives the user a deep impression, which in recent years becomes the oven industry benchmarking product. It provides baking enthusiasts a baking artifact that not only performs excellent and colorful, but also provides the user with the opportunity to share the baking process with friends. Therefore,user has a deeper stickiness to the product which brings a higher commercial value for Haier.

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